Keyboard Shortcuts In Office

If you"re new to lớn the BlackBerry world, you are surely overwhelmed with all the buttons và ports on your device. You are learning things as you go, finding out something new everyday. Well you may or may not know that there are a multitude of keyboard shortcuts for your device that will help you speed through many things on your BlackBerry in no time at all. Here we will take a look at some of the various shortcuts you can use for messaging, browsing, composing email/SMS và more. Lets jump right in. (Keep in mind these are the default shortcuts and should work for most devices)

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The Convenience Key


The first and most basic of all shortcuts is the Convenience Key. This is the one key that you hold the power to lớn. You have sầu the option to change this khổng lồ whatever you find to lớn be the most useful - to lock your keys, activate the camera, compose an email - you name it. To change this option, go to Options > Screen/Keyboard and phối it under Convenience Key.Create a Signature with AutoText


Many people have asked how khổng lồ easily create multiple signatures for emails or SMS. The simplest way is by creating an AutoText entry with your premix signature. To vày this, go lớn Options > AutoText. Select "New". Under "Replace", type a shortuct (ie. sig, zz - something quick and easy). Under "With" type your desired signature ("Sent by Adam") then choose save sầu và you"re set! Now in your SMS just type your shortcut & hit Space và you"re signature will appear.Standby Mode

One of the greathử nghiệm tips to save on battery life và keep from calling people with yourr device in your pocket (hey, we"ve all done it) is khổng lồ put your device into standby mode. To vày this, simply hold the Mute key on top of your device for 3 seconds. Your Berry will go inlớn standby mode, where you will be prevented from accidentally pressing any keys, but all your alerts & calls will still come in. To exit standby mode, just tap the Mute key. Now we will go through a list of all the shortcuts for various areas of your device. 

Basic Shortcuts

The following shortcuts can be used in many applications:

To exit a screen (or to lớn move sầu lớn a previous page in a browser) press the Escape keyTo select or clear a check box, press the Space key To switch applications, hold the Alt key và press the Escape key. Continue holding the Alt key & select an application, then release the Alt keyTo return khổng lồ the trang chủ screen, press the End key

Phone Shortcuts

The following shortcuts can be used in the Phone application or during a phone call:

To answer a phone Call, press the Send keyTo view the gọi log, press the Sover key from any screenTo insert a plus sign (+) when typing a phone number, hold the letter OTo add an extension khổng lồ a phone number, press the Alt key and the X key, then type the extension numberTo assign a tốc độ dial number khổng lồ a key, from the Home screen or in the Phone application, hold the key you want khổng lồ assign. Type the phone numberTo type a letter in a phone number field, press the Alt key & the letterTo move lớn the top of the Phone screen, press the Space keyTo change between headset, speakerphone và handmix, press the menu key and choose an option, or better yet, Tap the $ (dollar sign) key on your keyboard to lớn turn speakerphone on/off during a callTo stay in a Điện thoại tư vấn & return to the home page screen, press the Escape key and select Ok

Message Shortcuts

In a message:

R - Reply To MessageL - Reply To AllF - Forward MessageI - File Highlighted MessageTo view the tin nhắn address of a contact, in a message, highlight the liên hệ. Press Q. To view the display name again, press Q.

In a message list:

C - Compose MessageALT+U - Mark Message As Opened/UnopenedALT+I - View InboxALT+O - View OutboxALT+V - View VoicemailALT+S - View SMSALT+P - View Call LogTo view all your messages again, press the Escape keySHIFT+SPACE - Move sầu khổng lồ the top of a screenSPACE - Move to lớn the bottom of a screenT - Go lớn top of a messageB - Go to lớn bottom of a messageN - Move to the next datePhường. - Move to lớn the previous dateU - Move sầu to the next unopened itemJ - Move sầu khổng lồ the next related itemK - Move sầu to the previous related itemF - Search for text in an attachment/web pageG - Move sầu khổng lồ the last cursor position in a message after closing and reopening an attachment

Typing Shortcuts

To insert a period, press the Space key twice. The next letter is capitalizedTo capitalize a letter, hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appearsAlt + Left Shift - NUM LockAlt + Right Shift - CAPS LockTo turn off NUM lochồng or CAPhường loông xã, press the Shift keyTo insert an at sign (

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) or a period (.) in an email address field, press the Space keyTo highlight a line of text, press the Shift key & roll the trackballTo highlight text character by character, hold the Shift key và roll the trackball left or rightTo cancel a text selection, press the Escape keyTo cut highlighted text when typing, press the Shift + Backspace/Delete keyTo copy highlighted text when typing, press the Alt key and cliông chồng the trackballTo paste highlighted text when typing, press the Shift key and clichồng the trackball

Browser Shortcuts

To insert a period in the Go To dialog box, press the Space keyTo insert a slash mark (/) in the Go To dialog box, press Shift+SpaceTo open the browser options, in the browser, press OTo stop loading a website page, press the Escape keyTo hide the browser, press DTo cthua kém the browser, hold the Escape keyTo view the address for a link, highlight a link. Press LTo move forward a screen, press the Shift key & the Space keyTo move to lớn a previous screen, press the Space keyG - Move to a specific pageH - Return to lớn the trang chủ pageK - Open bookmarksA - Add a bookmarkI - View recent web pagesR - Refresh pagePhường - View page addressS - Save website pageU - Hide browser bannerX - View thumbnail version of a pageT - Move lớn the top of a pageB - Move sầu khổng lồ the bottom of a page

Media Shortcuts

Mute Key - Pause/Resume a video/songR - Rotate picturesI - Zoom InO - Zoom OutW - Original Size

Calendar Shortcuts

C - schedule an appointmentA - Change lớn Agenda viewD - Change to lớn Day viewW - Change lớn Week viewM - Change lớn Month viewSpace - Move sầu lớn the next day/week/monthShift+Space - Move sầu to the previous day/week/monthT - Move to lớn the current dateG - Move sầu khổng lồ a specific date

An easy way lớn access the default applications is through keyboard shortcuts as well. To use these, you must have Dial From Home Screen mix khổng lồ "Off". (Phone > Options > General Options). You will now have lớn use the Sover key to access your phone and make a Điện thoại tư vấn, but you will have sầu the following shortcuts available:

W - WAP BrowserR - AlarmT - TasksU - CalculatorO - OptionsA - Address BookS - SearchD - NotesF - ProfilesH - HelpK - Loông chồng keypadL - CalendarM - MessagesB - BrowserN - BlackBerry MessengerV - Saved messagesC - Compose

Other helpful shortcuts:

ALT+Shift+H - Access Help ME! screen (status info etc.)

ALT+LGLG - Access Event LogALT+Right Shift+DEL - Soft Reset

You can change the display of the "signal strength" on your screen to lớn read in real numbers. While at the home screen, hold down the ALT key while you type NMLL. The bars should change khổng lồ numbers. For the "signal strength", if you are in the 100 area (that means -100 dBm), you will be transmitting at maximum power. Anything at -90 khổng lồ -50 is a very good signal.


On top of the AutoText there are also some short codes for comtháng device information that you can type into SMS or tin nhắn messages that will return a value:

myver - Device Model/Versionmypin - Device PINLD - Local DateLT - Local Time

Once you get the hang of it, using these shortcuts will make you much quicker on the draw and help your harness the full abilities of your device. They will not only save sầu you time, but help you easily navigate through all aspects of your device. Find me Shortcuts và BlackBerry How tos in our BlackBerry 101 Lecture Series và FAQ, Tips & How To forum!