What are you doing/did you do over the weekend?


1. dialouge 1 is about Wildan & Risma's activities at the weekend2. dialouge 2 is about Reza's activity on Sunday3. because he has lớn stay at trang chủ and study for his test4. Reza's feeling is that he feels tense and change5. to lớn tell other people what kind of activity we vày at several timesPenjelasan:maaf kavệ sinh adomain authority salah:) selamat mengerjakan"}>" data-test="answer-box-list">

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1. dialouge 1 is about Wildan & Risma"s activities at the weekend

2. dialouge 2 is about Reza"s activity on Sunday

3. because he has lớn stay at trang chính và study for his test

4. Reza"s feeling is that he feels tense và change

5. lớn tell other people what kind of activity we vày at several times


maaf kalau ada salah:) selamat mengerjakan

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Ayu : Lis, bởi you have sầu a red pen? Lisa : Yes, I bởi. Ayu : May I borrow it? Lisa : I’m sorry, not now. I’m still using it. Ayu : Ok then I’ll find anot…her person.24. Based on the dialog, answer the question briefly Where does the dialog take place?25. Based on the dialog, answers for the question brefly. Who are involved in the dialog?​
10. Where is Dayu taking the rubbish to?A the floorC. the rubbish binB. the whiteboardD. the shelf11. Are the boys and the girls busy cleaning up thec…lassroom?A. No, they is not C. Yes, they is notB. No, they are not D. Yes, they are.He ismotorcycleA riding C. washingB. pullingD. repairing13. The horse isthan the donkeyA lower B. smaller C. biggerD. slower12.14. The mountain is higher thanA. the riverC. the lakeB. the hillD. the beach15. The helitheartinpixels.compterA. runB. takehigher than the plane.C. landD. fly16. Dina's is 50 centimetres long, and Sungươi is only 30centimetres long.Dina's isthan Sumi.A. longer B. shorter C. smallerD. bigger17. Ebởi vì always gets good marks in all subjects. He ismore diligent than any of us.A. lazierC. more diligentB. slowerD. more handsome18. The teacher hasA. fewerB. morebooks than himC. muchD. manyFor question 5 to lớn 6The hospital is 3 kilometers from here, the bank is 4 km fromhere, và the post office is 5 km from here.19. The ngân hàng isthan the hospitalB. further C. longer D. shorterA, nearer20. The hospital isA. the nearestB. the longestC. the farthestD. the shortest21. The post office is the farthestA. the nearestC. the farthestB. the longestD. the shortestFor question 9 to 11It is my breakfast. I did not have sầu (22) before I(23)lớn school this morning. I (24) at six because I went tobed very late last night. I (25) my homework until ten.B. left23. A. cameC. enteredD. went24. A. stoodupB. woke up C. sat upD. got up25. A. didB. readC. wroteD. took+ D THE BEST & GOOD LUCK *​
1For question 4 to 7My Uncle Is A ZookeeperMy uncle, Tom, is a zookeeper. He feeds the animalsevery day. His frikết thúc, Ani, prepares foods & drinksfor…the animals every morning. They clean theanimal's cages every morning. They wash the animalseveryday. She takes care of siông chồng animals regularly. Heregularly repairs the animals cages.1. What does my uncle do?A. He feeds the animals every day.B. He prepares foods & drinks for the animalsevery morningC. He cleans the animal's cages everyweek.D. He washes the animals everyweek.1112. What does Ani do?A. She feeds the animals every day.B. She prepares foods and drinks for the animalsevery morningC. She cleans the animal's cages everyweek.D. She washes the animals everyweek.3. Where do they work?A. Pet siêu thị B. Hospital C. Food shop D. Zoo4.This is an ....A. MonkeyB. CatC. BearD, ElephantFor question 5 khổng lồ 6Dayu, Lina, & Siti are never late to lớn class. They walk toschool, but they always get to lớn school on time. They rarely takepublic transport. They look healthy and happy all the time.5. Who vì go to lớn school?A. DayuC. SitiB. LinaD. Dayu, Linam giới và Siti6. How do they go khổng lồ school?A. by bikeB. by carC. on footD, by busBoth my mom và my dad(7) very good theartinpixels.comoks. Myfather often (8) fried noodle and fried rice for breakfast,with lots of vegetable and egg or chicken. My sister & I makethe table and clean the dishes after the meals.7. A. isB. amC. areD, were8. A. makes B. drinksC. putsD. wastesItFor question 9 lớn 11The boys & the girls are busy cleaning up the classroom. Udinis sweeping the floor. Siti is mopping the floor. Limãng cầu is cleaningthe whiteboard. Ebởi is putting the books bachồng inlớn the shelfAnd, Dayu is taking the rubbish to the rubbish bin outside9. Udin isthe floor.A. mopping B. sweeping C. cleaning D. cleaning​