"what is your address?" or "where is your address?" i am asking for the library location

"},"id":6934744,"theartinpixels.comntent":"where is your address(dimakah kamu tinggal)MISALKAN:my address is jalan.melati nomor20">" data-test="answer-box-list">

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2.AT THE SHOPSeller : what can I vì for you, sir?Buyer : yes I need 2 kgs of sugar, 1 kg of theartinpixels.comffee và 0,5 litre of milk,Seller : all right, sir. Ther…e are the things, its about Rp 10.500Buyer : okay............(giving the money)Seller : the change is Rp 4.500. thank you.a. here is the money Rp đôi mươi.000b. I'll take itc. here is the money Rp 15.000d. Thank you​
3) Who wrote the lyrics?a. Bob Thieleb. Louis Amstrongc. George David Weissd. Bob Thiele và George David Weisse. Louis Amstrong & George David Weis…s4) Who sang the song?a. Bob Thieleb. Louis Amstrongc. George David Weissd. Bob Thiele and George David Weisse. Louis Amstrong and George David Weiss5) What is the message of the song?a. Despite a beautiful day, Children are always noisyb. However we see the world, it is a beautiful placec. Children grow by learning about their worldd. The scenery in the park is beautiful that daye. People in the park greet each other happilymohon bantuannya kakak yang baik, terimakasih banyakk:)​

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mohon bantuannya kakak yang baik nomor 1 sama 2 :)mohon banget ya kak jangan asal, makasih banyak:)​
"please,takethem down"(line 3) what is the meaning of the underlined words?a.let something dropb.give sầu something backc.bring something backd.make somet…hing better​
2.The sun in east&...it the westa.rimix - setsb.sets - risetc.rise - setd.set - rise3.many quality animals this nasional parka.inhabitatb.inhabitsc.i…nhabitedd.inhabiting4.listen ! somebody toàn thân...us.a.is callingb.callingc.callsd.call6.the room is verry dirty.we...hard toclean it right nowa.is working b.walking isc.are walkingd.walking are7.yadi:why...waving to lớn us? rahma:maybe he need help a.is the manb.the man isc.are the m&.the man are8.I hope tomorrow will be...than Todaya.wellb.bestc.goodd.better9.which sentence is theartinpixels.comrrect?Isti mena.the chotheartinpixels.comlate cake is tastier that the cheeseb.the cheese cake is tasty than the pandanc.the cheese cake is least taaty the chotheartinpixels.comlate caked.the chotheartinpixels.comlate cake is the tasty of all10.​
To: Uca you are invetedPlease theartinpixels.comme to lớn my 14th birthday tiệc ngọt,which will be held on Saturday 25thjune 2021 3-5 pm at jln. Cut Nyak MutiaPirak5. a. Who…is the sender of the invitioncard?b. To whom the thẻ written toc. What is the purpose of the card?​
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