What Is Your Occupation?


Well, the reason I ask is that Google+ has both an "Employment" section & an "Occupation" section. :P Confused me as to lớn what that meant.

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In the US, Employment and Occupation both refer to having or looking for a job.

If you"re looking for a job (any non-specialized job not requiring a particular degree or amount of specialized education), you"re looking for employment - temp work, retail sales, etc.

If you have an occupation - it refers to the "field" or "type" of work you persize.

People will normally ask, "What"s your occupation/profession?" You"d respond, "I"m an accountant." or "I"m a surgeon."

So if there"s an Occupation/Profession section somewhere, it"s for people who have sầu an education in a specific field of work - nurses, accountants, doctors, architects, etc.

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I have never heard the word employment used in the US in the manner Ham and Babé suggests above.


I believe that in the context of a job interview, your employment/profession would be what you studied and are qualified for, và your occupation/job would be what it is that you are currently working as.

So if you studied law and are a practicing lawyer, your profession & occupation would be the same thing. However, if you studied law và you are currently working as, say, a ngân hàng teller, then your profession/employment would be lawyer, but your occupation/job would be a ngân hàng teller.


Like Ham and Bacon says, a job is something you are doing for money. Employment means you are being regularly paid by a person or organization for ongoing work. A job is more likely to lớn be short term while employment is usually expected khổng lồ last longer. You could have several different jobs over the course of your employment with one company.

Occupation và profession are similar in that they both refer to the general type of work you would seek employment in. The difference is that an occupation may require specialized trainging, but a profession normally requires specialized schooling. Auto mechanic is an occupation, but teaching is a profession.

It is possible (especially in challenging times) for someone lớn seek or accept employment outside their preferred occupation or profession, but I"m not sure what distinction Google is making.