Windows 10 has been out for a while now và it was offered as a miễn phí tăng cấp to Windows 7 & 8 users for the first year. Even after that Windows 7 is still by far the most widely used Windows operating system. Windows 7 is available in và has Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate & Enterprise versions. Only the Starter edition of Windows 7 does not have sầu a 64-bit version. Both 32-bit & 64-bit editions of the 5 available consumer Windows 7 versions all easily fit on a single layer DVD. Instead of doing that Microsoft released each version as a separate disk & each of those has a separate 32-bit and 64-bit DVD.

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That’s 9 different DVDs if you want all Windows 7 versions to lớn hvà. They are actually all on each DVD but hidden from view by the Sources ei.cfg tệp tin, delete that và everything with the same architecture becomes available, except Enterprise. Windows 64-bit is the preferred option because it and can help increase application performance with 64-bit specific versions,. Although 32-bit versions of Windows are fading out these days, they are still very useful to install on low memory systems, lower end or old hardware & run perfectly fine as long as you don’t use memory intensive software.
Unlượt thích Windows 10 which has a dual option x86 và x64 install disk available via the Media Creation Tool, Windows 7 has never officially had both 32-bit and 64-bit editions on the same disk. It’s quite possible to create one yourself and have sầu all 9 consumer versions on the same DVD or USB flash drive. All you need is & the software khổng lồ bởi it. Here’s three ways to lớn create your own all in one x86 & x64 Windows 7 install truyền thông media.
WinAIO Maker Professional The developer of WinAIO Maker Professional, Josh Cell Softwares, also makes some other useful không tính phí tools like and. This program is about as simple as it gets và takes the hard work out of creating an all in one Windows x86 và x64 install truyền thông media. To create an all in one ISO image clichồng the AutoAIO button, browse for a working thư mục where the ISO will be created, then add both the x86 & x64 Windows 7 ISOs. The ei.cfg tệp tin that restricts the versions on the disk will be automatically removed during the process. The Enable x64 recovery mode option is useful because without it you won’t be able to use the Windows recovery options on a 64-bit system.
Checking the box will create a boot menu with the 64-bit option added. Cliông xã Start Compilation and wait a few minutes for the ISO khổng lồ be created. Apart from the ease of use, creating an all in one truyền thông media using WinAIO Maker Professional has two other advantages over doing it manually. Firstly, you have sầu the choice khổng lồ include both 32-bit & 64-bit recovery options on the same disk.
Secondly, you can also perkhung a repair install for both 32-bit or 64-bit systems (although the 64-bit repair install option didn’t work during testing). For manual methods it’s either x86 or x64, adding both is tons of extra work. WinAIO Maker is far more capable than just creating an all in one ISO as it can delete specific Windows editions from the WIM file. For example, if you know you won’t need Windows 7 trang chủ Basic or Starter, they can be deleted from the image. It might only save sầu a few hundred Megabytes at best though, so we’d advise you just to leave all 9 versions in place. There are some other very useful tools available such as creating an ISO from a thư mục or extracting a folder to an ISO, an and an option lớn create an ISO from a DVD.
The other built in tool that is quite valuable is WinToUSB which can write any extracted Windows install truyền thông folder or your new all in one to lớn a USB flash drive. WinAIO Maker Professional is a standalone portable executable but does require.NET Framework 3.5, Windows 8 & 10 users will need lớn install it from Optional Features. Create An X86/X64 ISO Using Microsoft ImageX And A GUI Frontend A manual method of creating an integrated all in one 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 7 ISO is using a comm& line tool. ImageX is part of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) & can create or edit WIM images.
Most websites showing the ImageX method tell you lớn download WAIK to lớn get the ImageX tool, which is over 1GB in kích cỡ. Although you can get away with installing only the 54MB Deployment Tools there is an easier way. A small program called GImageX is a frontkết thúc for ImageX. The required DLL and SYS files are already included with Windows so there’s no need lớn download WAIK. Moreover, with the GImageX tool you don’t have to lớn use the Comm& Prompt to lớn merge the editions together. Two other tools are required for this method, & a Windows ISO creation tool. For that we will use DXTool.
Right click on the 32-bit (x86) ISO and choose 7-Zip Extract files Browse for a path to extract the ISO, kiểm tra the box underneath & create a new X86 thư mục. For the 64-bit ISO (x64) choose a path và create a thư mục called AIO. Browse lớn AIO Sources & delete ei.cfg khổng lồ make all Windows versions available on the operating system selection screen. And extract it. Run the 32-bit or 64-bit version according to your current operating system. Go to lớn the Export tab and for Source WIM browse khổng lồ the X86 Sources thư mục và double clichồng the Install.WIM. For the Destination WIM find and open Install.WIM in AIO Sources.
The Source WIM Image number is the index number inside the WIM for the x86 version you want to lớn add lớn the all in one. The numbers are as follows: Image 1: Windows 7 Starter X86 Image 2: Windows 7 Home Basic x86 Image 3: Windows 7 trang chủ Premium x86 Image 4: Windows 7 Professional x86 Image 5: Windows 7 Ultimate x86 Set Image lớn the number you want to lớn add and press Export. Do the same for each subsequent 32-bit version you want to add. Exports only take a few seconds each.

You can optionally add a name for the destination WIM to lớn match the index number, but it’s not really necessary. Close GImageX once all required versions have sầu been added. And double click it to copy the tool to lớn the Windows folder và add some options into lớn the Send to lớn thực đơn. In Explorer browse to the AIO thư mục, right cliông chồng on it Sover lớn GOscdimg.
After several seconds an ISO will be created at the same location as the AIO folder, rename it to something better like Windows7AIO. To remove the DXTool Send to shortcuts open the và type DXTool /remove.
The Windows 7 all in one. This method is obviously more complicated than WinAIO Maker so is not really meant for the less experienced user.
It does however, give you the chance to lớn add only selected 32-bit versions instead of all at once. Manually Create An All In One Disk With Microsoft ImageX We’ve mentioned you can use Commvà Prompt with ImageX lớn manually create an all in one disk, but it does require downloading some of the WAIK. Luckily there is a tool that can tải về just the parts needed from Microsoft which reduces the download size to lớn around 6MB. It’s also possible to lớn use the DISM tool for WIM exporting although we’ll use ImageX. As the above GUI based methods are much easier this is intended for informational purposes and those users that like to learn or bởi vì things manually.
Extract both the Windows 7 x86 ISO and the x64 ISO with 7-Zip using the same destination folder names as step #1 above (X86 và AIO). Go inlớn AIO Sources & delete ei.cfg lớn unlock all Windows versions available on the disk. From The Oven trang web, extract và run it then check the Waik Tools for Win 7 box.
Press Download và the necessary files will be downloaded lớn a sub thư mục called Waik3. mở cửa Command Prompt & set a temporary environment variable lớn point to lớn the WAIK files. It will be path GetWaikTools Waik3 amd64 or path GetWaikTools Waik3 x86 depending on your current system architecture. For example, our Get Waik Tools thư mục is on the desktop: SET PATH="C: Users Raymondcc Desktop GetWaikTools Waik3 amd64" 4.
Type the following commands one after the other or selectively choose which 32-bit versions lớn add to the all in one image. Add you own paths lớn the X86 and AIO folders in place of path. I have a window 7 disc that has starter, home page basic, home premium, professional, and ultimate, all have sầu both 64bits and 32bits, except starter, now the ISO file is large và it is about 3.72gig bites, và I want it to be in 4gb flash drive sầu, my question is how will I remove starter from the list of window Edition in order lớn reduce the kích cỡ of the ISO file, so that my flashdrive can accommodate it. Remember my flash drive is tagged 4gig but the kích cỡ is about 3.6gig which makes it impossible for me khổng lồ put bootable window 7 on it.
4.0. This is the final release for Windows NT 4.0. Drivers Windows NT 4.0. Windows NT Terminal Server. 10.01 Lathử nghiệm DXiaoMI v2.0 Network Adapter Instrumentation for Windows.
It is no longer one of the most used Windows operating systems, but with low-end PCs they can find the Ghost Win XPhường. alternative sầu to lớn higher Ghost Windows lượt thích Ghost. Win 7, Ghost Win 8, Ghost Win 10. Similar to the current Ghost Win 7 Ghost Win XPhường has many different versions. Overall it"s quite versatile to choose from and use! Windows 7 was released after Windows XPhường, but it has been confirmed that, with more security, many have moved from Win XPhường to lớn Win 7, và the majority of options are also Ghost Win 7 instead of the new one.
The need lớn find a genuine Ghost Win XPhường và meet the requirements of each user is extremely difficult, many of you want to lớn make a Ghost Win XP in their own style, you want Ghost Win XP No Soft, who wants Full Soft, who likes full Driver who is not. (probably probably can only make one copy for a person only) so the unification of general opinion about A Ghost Win XPhường for most people is extremely useful at this point. Anything Win XP.. that even Win 10 lớn get Ghost Win 10 lượt thích that is quite difficult, now update the lademo Ghost Win 10.
In this version of Ghost Win 10, you vì chưng not need to lớn tải về và install some software needed for computer such as web browser, text editor software. Similar lớn Ghost Win 7, Ghost Win XPhường comes in both 32-bit & 64-bit versions; Depending on the allowable configuration of the device that users choose khổng lồ tải về Ghost Win XPhường. 32 or 64 Bit yourself. The process of Ghost Win XPhường. is happening quite quickly, usually the user only need khổng lồ spend 15 - đôi mươi minutes khổng lồ complete this process. With older devices this time around will be a bit longer as it still has to find and compare the drivers to lớn see if it is compatible or not and the hardware configuration itself is not high reducing the machine"s Ghost performance.
Hello to all of you! So 12 months have elapsed, ended 2012 with the outbreak of the ghoster, they were constantly out of the ghost is not only eye catching but also very formal chất lượng.
There are particular to lớn themselves bienphongvnn feel that, at this time is the right time lớn release the final product series related lớn Ghost Windows 7. This is such a gift that I want to lớn send khổng lồ all of you - the people in the past who have used the product of not only themselves but also the general Vietforum products. Hopefully, next time I will get more encouragement, encouragement from you khổng lồ give sầu birth lớn more other products to lớn serve sầu the needs of users. By the way, would like lớn express my deep thanks khổng lồ those of you who have sầu closely và help her during last period. If you did not, then the sản phẩm can not be released. New year, wish you happy, happiness and more success in life!
Again thank you everyone! The ghost was made from the original version of MS Windows, not omitted any component of the win và the combination EasySysprep 3.1Final and WanDrv5.286.
The ghost has activated its available, if the newer machines (especially the ASUS line) when the thử nghiệm is not acitve win, you use your tools to Cr
ck.7.Server.exe available in C drive khổng lồ proceed active sầu offline! The team was Team Tested pretty much experience on both series & bring good results, nice interface, run smoother. The Ghost includes 2 versions: 32 bit và 64 bit machines you fit it down a copy of it. This version installed some basic Softwares: Unikey FlashPlayer My Full Font WinRAR Full.
Greetings fellow Alienware Owners. We frequently have sầu folks post asking about driver install order when clean installing Windows 7, what apps khổng lồ install in order to lớn monitor the system, etc. Some of you have already shared your clean install process with the diễn đàn, many thanks for contributing. Below is the driver install order I use. I have not run into any driver conflicts using this order and each clean install has completed without any odd issues. At the kết thúc of the "guide" I have sầu also included links to lớn a couple of handy apps/utilities which I use.

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Concerning AlienRespawn / Dell DataSafe Local: Before performing a clean install, please vày take the time to lớn create your emergency rescue option using AlienRespawn. Download mods para resident evil 4 pc. This will help if you ever need to revert baông chồng lớn an "out of box" state. Although it is possible to "keep" AlienRespawn or Dell DataSafe Local installed on the system with a clean install, I find that its really not necessary (can also be a bit complicated for new users).
Just be sure you preserve sầu the out of box state by creating the rescue truyền thông media và in the sự kiện of a failure, you can easily respawn baông xã to lớn when you first unboxed your system. Another third party app for imaging can be used if you want lớn preserve sầu the fresh install of W7. See this link for details on AlienRespawn: Dell Drivers: Recently, Dell made a change to lớn their Driver Support page. As a result, all of the links I previously had here (lớn specific models) have broken. Please use this link lớn reach the Dell Driver Support Page for your model.
NOTE: You may have to cliông chồng "Select A Different Product". Driver Install Order for fresh Win7 installs: (NOTE 1: I suggest disabling Windows Automatic Driver Install before updating drivers - reference this ) (NOTE 2: I suggest disabling Windows Automatic Updates - reference this. Once you have sầu installed all of your drivers, re-enable Windows Update) (NOTE 3: If the driver installer prompts for a restart, be sure to do so before proceeding with the next driver).Regarding WebCam.
Frequently we have sầu folks ask where the webcam driver is so they can download it. The webcam does not require a device driver. It uses the microsoft driver. For the webcam software which came pre-installed with your system, see below, tác phẩm #15.
Chipset Driver 2. USB 3.0 Driver (11xR3, 14x, 17xR3, 18x only) 3. Hãng sản xuất Intel RST Driver / Hãng sản xuất Intel Management Engine 4.
Freefall Sensor Driver (Optional - many members choose not lớn install this. Also, as long as your drive supports it, the "App" will work with aftermarket drivers) 5.
Alienware On-Screen Display Driver 6. INTEL/AMD/NVIDIA Display Driver. Optimus systems require the Hãng sản xuất Intel Driver be installed prior to the NV Driver.
So if you have sầu an M11xR2/R3, M14x or M17xR3, install the Hãng sản xuất Intel Driver FIRST. If you have sầu a 17xR3 with 3 chiều option, Optimus does not apply to lớn you & the Intel driver is not needed.
For M17xR3 with AMD, install the AMD Display Driver. AMD owners report the Hãng sản xuất Intel HD Graphics driver is included with the AMD installer. For M18x with AMD, If you are unable to lớn switch between the AMD GPUs và the iGPU (Intel HD 3000), try the following: 1. FN+F7 khổng lồ initiate the GPU switch hotline. You will be greeted by a dialog box.
Cliông xã khổng lồ expvà.2. Select "Yes" and the system will shutdown. Once the shutdown has completed, power up the system. When you are bachồng at the desktop, run the IntelHD driver installer (grab it from the M18x Driver Download page - linked earlier in this post). Once the driver is installed, reboot and when you return to lớn the desktop, hit FN+F7 again (dialog box will display). Select "Yes" to switch và the system will again shutdown. Once you power baông chồng up you will again be in discrete mode (AMD GPUs active).

Audio Driver 10. công nghệ Bluetooth không dây Driver 11. Touchpad Driver 12. Media Card Reader Driver 13. Remote Control/Infrared Driver (Older systems - M15x, M17xR1/R2) 14. Alienware Command Center NOTE: Command Center should always be installed last.
to lớn grab any apps which came bundled with your system that were not included on the Resource DVD. Webcam application is one of them.
Recommended Updates after Installing W7: Once all of this is done, proceed with the following: 1. (NOTE: Be sure lớn uncheck the "Install Google toolbar" option - lol) 2. (NOTE: Be sure lớn uncheck the "Install McAfee Security Scan" option - lol) 3. Update OS by launching Windows Update.IMPORTANT NOTE:.
If you disabled Windows Automatic Updates as suggested at the start of the driver install order portion of this guide, feel không tính phí to lớn re-enable automatic updates now (if you like - not necessary, but easy lớn bởi vì if you want) (NOTE: Once Win 7 SP1 has been installed, be sure to remove sầu the service pack installation files. Right cliông chồng on your boot drive sầu (C: ) & select "Properties". Click the "Disk Cleanup" button and then check the option lớn remove "Service Paông chồng Backup Files", select "OK". This will remove all of the SPhường backup files và miễn phí up space.) Handy Utilities & Apps: Once this is complete, proceed with any apps, games, etc.
A short menu of apps/utilities I use follows: 1. Piriform"s CCleaner - very handy for cleaning up after driver/tiện ích uninstalls.
Auslogic"s Disk Defrag - quickest defrag utility I have found. 3. CPU-Z - Yes, we all need a trusty CPU information tiện ích 4.
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HW Monitor - A handy monitoring ứng dụng useful for keeping an eye on temps 5. GPU-Z - GPU information Tool 6. Speccy - System Information Tool from the makers of CCleaner - 7.
WhoCrashed - This is a very cool crash dump analyzer for anyone who is not familar with using the Windows SDK khổng lồ troubleshoot issues. WhoCrashed can point you in the right direction when investigating a crash/BSOD & provides useful data which can then be shared here on the diễn đàn for additional advice/help.
LatencyMon - A much more useful DPC Latency Checker which provides quite a bit of info which can help you pinpoint the offending device/driver/ứng dụng. If you are encountering DPC Audio dropouts or other issues which may be related khổng lồ DPC, give sầu this one a try.
Notepad - Very versatile source code editor and a great alternative khổng lồ Microsoft"s Notepad Restoring the "Alienware Look và Feel": After your apps, utilities & games have been installed, its time khổng lồ restore the Alienware "look và feel". Please see this thread for further instructions: Also, don"t forget your Wrap Up: Well, you should now have a fresh install of Windows 7. At this point, how you proceed is your Hotline.
I will add additional apps/utilities as I think of them. Have fun clean installing W7! Hi I"m new here, vị not speak English very well, I have sầu a question for Bat Boy, how I can keep my data safe from alienware and then bởi vì a clean install? Thanks Concerning AlienRespawn / Dell DataSafe Local: Before performing a clean install, please do take the time lớn create your emergency rescue option using AlienRespawn. This will help if you ever need to lớn revert bachồng lớn an "out of box" state.
Although it is possible to lớn "keep" AlienRespawn or Dell DataSafe Local installed on the system with a clean install, I find that its really not necessary (can also be a bit complicated for new users). Just be sure you preserve the out of box state by creating the rescue truyền thông media & in the sự kiện of a failure, you can easily respawn baông chồng to when you first unboxed your system. Another third tiệc ngọt tiện ích for imaging can be used if you want to lớn preserve the fresh install of W7. Clichồng lớn exp&.LOL - I knew this would come up.
When you clean install W7, in order lớn keep the recovery partition you will need to instruct the W7 installer only khổng lồ install khổng lồ the C: partition. Do not delete any partitions.
Once the OS install has completed, you will need khổng lồ install AlienRespawn. See the following post (#2 link) Once complete, you should then be able to lớn use AlienRespawn again - I say "should" since I haven"t confirmed this is possible. Just keep in mind that the recovery partition will be bachồng to the out of box state & NOT your clean install state. The best solution - use a third các buổi tiệc nhỏ app khổng lồ image the drive once you have sầu performed your clean install. Ghost, Acronis or any of the others will bởi vì just fine & you"ll just need to lớn supply an external drive to lớn sover the image to lớn - or, over the network.