Wordfast pro 5

Wordfast Pro 3 is the only major commercial TM tool on the market that runs natively on Windows, Mac và Linux. Customizable Interface Wordfast Pro 3 offers users the ability to choose either a table (side-by-side) or text (in-line) view based on personal preference.

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Wordfast Pro is the lakiểm tra standalone tool & TM platform designed to lớn meet the needs of translators, language service providers and multinational companies. It offers a complete translation environment that stores your translated content for reuse in future projects, thus maximizing efficiency, increasing overall consistency & reduce translation costs.
WYSIWYG interface Wordfast Pro 5 gives users the ability lớn choose a label marking editor or editor WYSIWIG (what you see is what you get) according to lớn personal preference. Competition becomes virtually instantaneously to give sầu users customizable key bindings shortcut that include maps preconfigured shortcut keys for all major TM systems.Live sầu Previews only objective After translating your document, kiểm tra a version only destination thiết kế và format Wordfast Pro. Cliông xã a segment in the preview you need khổng lồ change and will take you directly khổng lồ the segment in the TXLF file bilingual for faster editing.Filtering segments Wordfast Pro 5 lets you filter segments in the words, regular expressions, match scores, notes and other attributes.Multilingual translation projects Wordfast Pro 5 lets you configure a package of multilingual translation when you need khổng lồ translate to multiple target languages. The project can be sent as a single package or separate packages based language pairs. There are no limits or language restrictions in the licensed version (the chạy thử version is limited to bilingual projects).Exporting and importing translation packages Wordfast Pro 5 lets you configure & export translation packages for management quichồng & perfect translation. Translators can simply drag and drop lớn import the package, translate và export files for delivery round. You can also directly import packages SDL Trados.

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Support for multiple tệp tin formats Wordfast Pro 5 lets you translate virtually any file format, including MS Office, Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, PDF, HTML, XML, Xliff SDL Trados, MemoQ Xliff and more!Chain files Wordfast Pro 5 lets you string together multiple files into lớn a single tệp tin to lớn improve consistency of repeated segments and facilitate tệp tin management.Advanced time – saving features Work faster and efficiently with several powerful time – saving features, including advanced filtering segments, locking segments & batch processing at high tốc độ.Unlimited access to lớn TM & glossary Wordfast Pro 5 enables users to access an unlimited number of TMs & glossaries simultaneously. Users can also prioritize TM as primary or secondary.Integration with machine translation Wordfast Pro 5 integrates with multiple MT engines that allow users khổng lồ take advantage of automatic translations when there are no matches in the translation memory. Users can also assign penalties khổng lồ content automatically translated.Quality assurance in real time (check) The Transcheck function Wordfast Pro 5 verifies the elements of translation and warns of possible errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, numbers, consistency of terminology and identifiable as you type.

Supported file formats: – MS Word – Excel – PowerPoint – RTF – TXT – PDF (Windows only) – HTM / HTML – XML – InDesign – creator of frames – Visio – ASP.. / JSPhường / JSON / JAVA – TTX – XLIFF – TXLF – SDLPPX (SDL Trados Package) – SDLXLIFF – MQXLIFF
Languages supported: Wordfast Pro 5 supports any language that is compatible with Microsoft Word. This includes oriental, cyrillic, asian, from right to lớn left Europe, và several other languages.