Intel® Xeon® Processor X5677 (12M Cache, 3

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Intel Xeon X5677 chipset compatibility

A menu of chipsets, compatible with the Intel X5677, is based on CPU tư vấn lists, published on our trang web.

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Hãng sản xuất Intel Xeon X5677 motherboard support

There are 19 motherboards, compatible with this processor.Complete menu of these motherboards is available on theHãng Intel Xeon X5677 motherboards page.

The specs of the Xeon CPU are published with the permission of the Please kiểm tra the CPU-World website for full specifications.

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General specs

Release date:
Chip Core Name:
Manufacturing Process:
Socket Type:Socket 1366
The Number of Cores:4
The Number of Threads:8
Frequency:3.467 GHz
Maximum Turbo Frequency:
Bus speed:3.2 GHz
L1 Cache:
L2 Cache:
L3 Cache:12 MB
Thermal Design Power:
Supported memory:

Instructions & Technologies

Exexinh tươi Disable Bit?
64-bit Support?
Hyper-Threading technology?Yes
Turbo Boost?
Enhanced SpeedStep?
Instruction Set Extensions:

Part number of tray Xeon X5677 microprocessors is AT80614005145AB. Please see Hãng Intel Xeon page for details on other processors from the family.

Xeon X5677 S-Spec numbers

Production versions of this Xeon microprocessor were fabricated with the following S-spec number:

CPUs, similar khổng lồ Hãng Intel Xeon X5677

The Hãng Intel X5677 is a Socket 1366 CPU, based on Westmere-EP core. There are also 30 Hãng sản xuất Intel Westmere-EPhường. CPUs, that work in the same socket. Partial characteristics và stepping information of these parts are provided below.
SpecificationsSteppingsUpgradeChanceModel / PartCoresThreadsFrequencyTurboFrequencyL2CacheL3CacheTDPB1
Xeon E5603441.6 GHz4MB+100%
Xeon E5606442.133 GHz8MB+89%
Xeon E5607442.267 GHz8MB+89%
Xeon E5620482.4 GHz12MB+100%
Xeon E5630482.533 GHz12MB+100%
Xeon E5640482.667 GHz12MB+100%
Xeon E56456122.4 GHz12MB+100%
Xeon E56496122.533 GHz12MB+100%
Xeon L5609441.867 GHz12MB+63%
Xeon L5618481.867 GHz12MB+26%
Xeon L5630482.133 GHz12MB+100%
Xeon L56386122 GHz12MB+42%
Xeon L56396122.133 GHz12MB+0%
Xeon L56406122.267 GHz12MB+100%
Xeon L56456122.4 GHz12MB+0%
Xeon W36706123.2 GHz12MB+16%
Xeon W36806123.333 GHz12MB+16%
Xeon W36906123.467 GHz12MB+16%
Xeon X5647482.933 GHz12MB+21%
Xeon X56506122.667 GHz12MB+100%
Xeon X56606122.8 GHz12MB+84%
Xeon X5667483.067 GHz12MB+84%
Xeon X56706122.933 GHz12MB+84%
Xeon X5672483.2 GHz12MB+32%
Xeon X56756123.067 GHz12MB+58%
Xeon X5677483.467 GHz12MB+N/A
Xeon X56796123.2 GHz12MB0%
Xeon X56806123.333 GHz12MB+100%
Xeon X5687483.6 GHz12MB+32%
Xeon X56906123.467 GHz12MB+79%
Xeon X5698244.4 GHz12MB0%

"Upgrade Chance" is a probability of a successful processor upgrade/downgradefrom the Xeon X5677 (original CPU) to a specific mã sản phẩm. Thisnumber is calculated as a percentage of all motherboards, compatiblewith both original và tăng cấp CPUs, compared to the number ofmotherboards, that support the original Hãng Intel X5677. The number "100%"means that all motherboards, that work with the original Mã Sản Phẩm, alsowork with the tăng cấp CPU. The number "0%" means that none of theboards, that support the original CPU, will tư vấn the upgradeprocessor. The manufacturers vày not always thử nghiệm or publish results forobscure & unreleased models, & in some cases for OEM onlyprocessors, as a result they tover khổng lồ have sầu much lower scores than morecommon desktop/điện thoại counterparts.